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Tamilnadu Ration Card Status

How to Use and Assess Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card Standing online

A number of you have question that how to use for Tamil Nadu Smart ration card called TNPDS and the way to locate smart card standing or smart card, the way to find smart card Tamil Nadu that details are in the article. Just do not be concerned about that to find complete information read the entire post till the end very carefully.

How to Apply for Smart Card in Tamil Nadu

First you have to make an application for smart card and also then browse the official site of Tamil Nadu Government made for public distribution system department.

After open the site you see that the site is currently in Tamil Language. If you aren't able to understand Tamil language, locate the English word on top right side of the display and click on that.

On the web site you'll find the wise card application services and under link is clever card program, click on that. In case the connection is not there it's on the ideal side of the screen beneath the menu choice.

Click on the connection the program form is available.

On the top of the type, there is radio option select the proper wireless option. If you're employed for card then click new smart card program if you're already enrolled than click on second option.

When you fill the form, it is new card or old enrollment you need the old card, voter identification, aadhar card useful at that time.

Then fill out the form with accurate information. After completing the form check if the details are accurate or not. Fill the form you need to upload image for an identity verification.

If you don't have scanner not the issue. Click on the photo of upload and document. It may be in JPEG, PNG, JPG, GIF format.

The uploaded picture is show from the form.

Note: Once click on submit button there is reference number created or you will be given a message onto your cellular amount you have to ensure it is safe to keep track of your application status.

If you enrolled and need to check application status with the below steps it is easy to monitor your application status of TNPDS.

Currently, The Way to Monitor the Program Standing of TNPDS?

First, you need to start the web site to get TNPDS.

It's an official site of Tamil Nadu government and the site is currently in Tamil Language in case you do not know Tamil then click English on the upper right side of site and click onto it.

On the ideal side beneath the menu choice there's smart card. Click on second alternative'application standing of this wise card'.

Then you've got to put in the reference code and you'll discover your application status online.

If you didn't locate application standing then click https://www/

Click tnpds smart card mention code or amount and apply.

The best way to alter Address in tnpds  - smart card Tamilnadu intelligent card?

You then need to click smart card related solutions under'alter the speech smart'.

Within this article you'll receive advice on internet services of tnpds intelligent card. Should you face any difficulty telephone on helpline number that's described above. With this helpline amount you'll be able to get advice and make whine too.


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