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Flexo Printing Common Defects

 There are 12 common Flaws occurred in Flexo Printing Machine. Also, this type of defects cause in rotogravure printing machine.

1.Dot Gain

2. Skip Out



5.Gear Marks


Let’s start with first one.

1. Dot Gain

The dot gain happens in virtually every print. It triggers Problem when it's too much.

This is because a lot of pressure involving the printing H or cylinder or cone and plate. Another motive is bloated or thick The Swelling is due by in-the-round elastomer sleeves. It's very durable and Resistant to swelling.

These are the common causes:

· Incorrect ink viscosity

· Too much anilox cell volume

· Dots sinking into the anilox

· Press wear or damage

· Dirty image carrier

· Placing the tape at incorrect thickness

2. Skip Out

The ink must be wet out completely on substrate and Press mechanics is very important. When there is wobbling, the printing components make contact with substrate. Also, you may face problems like ink composition in upkeep and cleaning.

How can this resemble?

The printing area is too mild or miss.

Even the Little vibration and other micro mistakes in Press mechanics can impact on contacts between print cylinder and substrate.

There are also some other causes such as high or low Stress, ink viscosity and pH, maintenance and cleaning.

3. Doughnuts

This is not the food thing but the Costly cause to Fix in Flexographic Printing

How can this resemble?

You will find display dots look slurred and sterile or Semi-blank distance in the center. It looks like doughnuts.

What are the Causes?

The pressure is among the main cause of doughnuts and The inks and solvents damage the merchandise and trigger the swell and distort and make pictures blurry.

Additionally, there Are other causes like pressure, Print-to-web rate, ink move, etc.

4. Halo

As we know the flexographic printing is a Pressure-sensitive process. This is the most common cause occurred because of pressure changes in flexo printing.

How can it resemble?

The ink is prolonged past the edges of selected Printing place on substrate

What are the Causes?

The most typical is too much stress which pushes ink Out as there is not any place to go. If the pressure is changeable the halo is different on places on substrate. It may solve by adjusting pressure from printing cylinder to substrate

It is because a lot of ink transfer, mismatch rate of Cylinder-to-web rate.

5. Gear Marks

This is also referred to as chatter or banding. To avoid This avoid, the regular monitoring and maintenance.

How does it resemble?

There are alternating lines of light and dark which Typically run vertical to web direction on media.

What are the causes?

It's because of press mechanisms and greater stress. Also, The server might be responsible for poor printing quality. These gear marks are clearly hear from press.

Together with the time the gears are wear and the teeth are eroded Away or even break out. The uneven size of equipment leads to the imbalance and bouncing.

Various Other causes:

Inadequate drive equipment lubrication, the strain tolerance

6. Feathering

The changes in stress cause the flaw but you will find Also some probable mistakes which make printing incorrect.

How does this resemble?

The ink is extended outside of the selected printing area Which create irregular edges and it looks like bird's feather

Since the ink build up around the dots it raises the Printing surface area. There is high pressure between print cylinder and substrate or between the printing cylinder and anilox from the procedure.

Other causes

There's dried ink on picture carrier. There is also Debris onto the substrate. The ink drying Is Quite quick and ink surface tension is high


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