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Special education in India

Anil  Bansal
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India is a signatory to ‘UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ since 30th March, 2007. Article- 24 of this Convention says, ‘State Parties recognize the right of a person with disability to education and with a view to realizing this right, it shall ensure an inclusive education system at all levels and for that it shall take appropriate…

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Disciplinary action against teachers

Mukesh  Saxena
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The appointment of teachers of the university and the teachers of the affiliated or associated colleges is done by the Executive Council or the Management of the affiliated or associated college, as the case may be, on the recommendations of the Selection Committee.

The manner of selection has been laid down in the U.P. State Universities Act 1973.  The Act…

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Coming to terms with Delhi University’s roll back of 4-year degree programme

Shreya  Pillay
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By Shreya Pillay, Delhi University

When I entered college, I was more than overwhelmed. College was everything that I ever wanted. I was all set to explore my new found freedom. Joining societies, signing up for events, volunteering for NGO's etc., was all very new and exciting. However, when I took admission in Delhi University, in the year 2013 I,…

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Challenges for a teacher in J&K

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By Bilal Ahmad Wani

Education illuminates a candle of modesty in our inner world that wipes out obscurity of our heart and head and leads us to the ultimate goal of life. Education in modern age seeks to preserve, transmit of advance knowledge and is committed to bring change for the betterment of society. Education is teaching and learning skills,…

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Making of the New Education Policy for J&K

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By Bilal Ahmad Wani*

Education has been a key factor for a promising and bright future of any society.  The education particularly at school level has been the focus of the present regime and it has kindled the hope among the poor sections of our society who dream of providing good education to their children. Therefore, rejuvenating and safeguarding the…

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Why the stamp duty needs to be abolished

Admin istrator
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Some estimates have suggested that it takes a Mumbaikar an average of 34 years of income to buy a house. While the situation may be better in other cities, compare this to an average of 3 years in USA and 5 years in UK. While there are financial reasons such as inflow of black money and easy bank loan availability…

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Skills development is key to India's global competitiveness

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India's transition to a knowledge-based economy requires a new generation of educated and skilled people. Its competitive edge will be determined by its people's ability to create, share, and use knowledge effectively. A knowledge economy requires India to develop workers, knowledge workers and knowledge technologists - who are flexible and analytical and who can be the driving force for innovation…

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