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Coming to terms with Delhi University’s roll back of 4-year degree programme

Coming to terms with Delhi University’s roll back of 4-year degree programme Coming to terms with Delhi University’s roll back of 4-year degree programme

By Shreya Pillay, Delhi University

When I entered college, I was more than overwhelmed. College was everything that I ever wanted. I was all set to explore my new found freedom. Joining societies, signing up for events, volunteering for NGO's etc., was all very new and exciting. However, when I took admission in Delhi University, in the year 2013 I, with all my other batch mates found out that we'll have to be in college for four years if we want an honours degree.  Having got admission for Political Science honours, I was all set to spend four years of my life in college.

When my classes actually began, I realized that I had “extra" subjects, subjects I didn't sign up for.  Apart from Political Science, I had to study business, English, Hindi, computer science, history and sociology.  All these subjects had an internal and an external paper so they were as important as my mains.  Not only did I have to study more, I also had to make so many power point presentations and write so many assignments.  This was very frustrating as I was doing so many extracurricular activities as well. Going to college meant spending more than six hours in class. We hardly ever got a break.

Half way through my first year in college, all of us were given a laptop, free of cost from Delhi University.  It was their way of shutting us up because we were all so frustrated with this system.  It was a very good HP laptop with all features available.  Nevertheless, they took this laptop back as soon as I finished giving my second semester exams.

Giving exams was another headache, not only did our teachers not know what exactly should be taught but the HOD had no idea as well. We all were simply taking one day at a time.

When I entered my third year, we were informed that the four year system has been scrapped and we were back to the original three year system. Our syllabus changed, our books changed, we had no idea as to what kind of degree we’ll be getting, and in fact I still don’t know if I’m going to graduate with an honours degree or just a BA degree. It’s still very confusing.

I’m just glad I survived and that these three years are coming to an end.



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