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19 April 2017

IIT student who invented gadget to extract water from canteen daal gets call from NASA

Quodsi everti ancillae vim qui lorem persius petentium IIT student who invented gadget to extract water from canteen daal gets call from NASA

NEW DELHI, APRIL 19 (ENA) Sagar Sharma, a third-year mechanical engineering student of IIT Delhi, claims to have invented a device that will extract water from heavily diluted canteen daal (cereal) to tide over the usual water shortage at hostels.

Sagar’s invention has not only got the attention of the water conservationists, American Space administration agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) too has extended an invite to the IITian and plans to use the device for future space missions. “Our manned space missions usually have to deal with little or no water. But with this device if we can extract water and then reuse it, that would solve much of our space related problems. Our astronauts can then focus on taking beautiful well-lit images of earth at night and then share it on twitter,” said a senior NASA official.

Speaking on how he got the idea Sagar said, “Water shortage is common here and in the summer season it gets compounded. But I observed that no matter how bad the water situation is in the college, the canteen daal always had truckloads of water. That’s when I decided to put my mechanical engineering knowledge to some good use and work on a device that will extract all the extra water in the daal. This water can then be used in the hostels, where it is much needed.”

A sample of the device is already being tested and around 200 litres of water is said to have been drawn from the daal served to IIT Delhi students for lunch.

Govt officials too were optimistic that if such experiments were done across all colleges in the country, there would be enough water for everyone. “All college canteens across the country will have these devices and they will be connected via pipes to a reservoir. The water will then be transported to different corners of the country. In the next phase, we might even construct a dam across the reservoir and generate electricity,” said a senior Govt official.



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