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24 April 2017

IIT Madras and Harita Seating Systems launch ‘Intelliseat’ to curb road accidents caused by driver fatigue

Quodsi everti ancillae vim qui lorem persius petentium IIT Madras and Harita Seating Systems launch ‘Intelliseat’ to curb road accidents caused by driver fatigue

NEW DELHI, APRIL 24 (ENA) IIT-M and Harita Seating Systems Limited (HSSL) have joined hands to curb road accidents by collaboratively developing viable and cost effective products to enhance road safety using the technology and knowhow developed by the Rehabilitation Bioengineering Group, Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras. First of the products in this initiative, Intelliseat™ has been developed and is being launched on this occasion for commercial use.

According to National Crime Research Bureau (NCRB, 2016) report, there were about 4,64,674 cases of road accidents reported in India in 2015. Quite high considering the wide roads in many of the cities across the country. Of these, 4,82,389 persons suffered injuries and 1,48,797 deaths were reported. Deaths, due to road accidents, had increased by about 5.1% over the preceding year.

The conclusion of a report by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH, 2016) shows that more than 40% of such deaths occurred due to human error or driver fatigue. Majority of the road accidents which amounts to 53.2% have taken place on National and State highways.

Dr. Darez Ahmed, IAS, MD, National Health Mission, Tamil Nadu, while addressing the gathering at the institute said, “We need to work together and address a key sustainable development goal of 50% reduction in trauma deaths by 2020, which is a task that can be achieved only by joint effort. Leveraging technology to tackle a big problem of ‘driver error’ leading to accidents is a welcome step.”

Driver fatigue can be described as decline in driver’s performance. A driver’s performance and behavior is greatly influenced by physical and perceptive factors. Its involvement in individual cases is hard to measure post-facto and therefore is often difficult to determine the cause of accident. Consequently, it is important to know about driver’s behavior, fatigue, and performance to give appropriate interventions to avoid road accidents.

Intelliseat™ is an IoT (Internet of things) device that monitors the driver 24×7 and is confined within the existing footprint of regular seats. This system operates independently and can be used for in-vehicle information of status as well as help a central tracking by fleet owners. It can also be used for driver training and fleet risk evaluation, which would eventually have a bearing on the overall fleet insurance and ownership cost.
Highlighting the significance of the product, Prof. Venkatesh Balasubramanian, Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras said, “In this endeavor with HSSL, we have been in a position to translate conceptual work performed in the lab to a viable product that is road ready. This system can not only make the roads safer but can also have a big impact on driver benchmarking/training, fleet insurance, etc.”




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