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18 March 2017

IIT Kharagpur students advised to adopt eco-friendly inventions

Quodsi everti ancillae vim qui lorem persius petentium IIT Kharagpur students advised to adopt eco-friendly inventions

NEW DELHI, MARCH 18 (ENA) The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, has advised its students to go green with their inventions. The institute advised the students to design their invention that goes green right from the early stage of sourcing material to delivering finished or final products and services to users.

The institute further advised the students to focus particularly on three areas while designing new technology that includes opting for environment or eco-friendly materials, usage of renewable energy and ensuring the entire process has no carbon footprint. Therefore, students need to start thinking green and design a green ambulance to ensure minimum carbon footprint.

The main purpose is to transform the entire production and consumption systems to achieve Sustainable Development. The institute will lay more emphasis on Green Entrepreneurship. Therefore, eco-friendly innovations will come into existence through this initiative.

It is high time that premier institutes think about developing an eco-friendly environment. Today, the emission of carbon dioxide has increased and the environment is being damaged. Therefore, the industries and educational institutions must focus on innovating eco-friendly processes in production. IIT Kharagpur has asked the students to focus on the particular area where the entire process of producing and consuming will be eco-friendly.

Even though it is difficult to control environmental pollution, there is a need to take some backup measures, which can at least reduce the pollution up to some extent. Sustainable development can be achieved only when these measures are taken.



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