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13 April 2017

CBSE denies its textbook suggested ‘36-24-36’ figure is best for females

Quodsi everti ancillae vim qui lorem persius petentium CBSE denies its textbook suggested ‘36-24-36’ figure is best for females

NEW DELHI, APRIL 13 (ENA) A Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) textbook, titled Health and Physical Education Textbook, has suggested that a figure of 36-24-26 is best for a woman. The book explains that even in Miss World and Miss Universe beauty contests the body shape of 36-24-36 is taken into consideration while judging a participant.

The book not only expresses about the suitable body shape for females, it also expresses about how a male should look ideally.

In a section, mentioned as ‘Differences in shape’, the book tells its readers that ‘V’ body shape is considered the best. However, the report says that textbook was published by the New Saraswati House, and not the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which usually brings out textbooks used in CBSE schools.

Some months back, another controversy was raked up after a controversial content was appeared in its textbooks or examination papers. In CBSE Class 12th examination, students were asked to answer which practice between burial and cremation was better in terms of containing air pollution the best.

In yet another controversy, a Class 4 textbook for environmental studies had suggested an experiment to the students to carry out an experiment that could lead to a kitten’s death.

“You can do an experiment” a paragraph published along with the graphics had said. The book allegedly asked students to place two kittens in separate wooden boxes, one with holes in the lid and another one without. As reported, the only purpose for such an experiment was to show students that kitten, if placed in the boxes without holes would die.




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