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28 February 2017

A school dropout now a cyber security expert!

Quodsi everti ancillae vim qui lorem persius petentium A school dropout now a cyber security expert!

NEW DELHI FEB. 28 (ENA) A school dropout, Trishneet Arora, 23, is the living example who has shown the world that learning doesn’t stop at school and dreams can be achieved with determination. In the age of competitive exams and inaccessible cutoffs, Trishneet being a dropout, emerged as a successful cyber security expert to prove his mettle.

Trishneet dropped out of school after eighth standard. Presently, he runs his own organization with offices in India and Dubai.

During his school days, Trishneet was charmed with gadgets and computers. Sharing his story over the internet, Trishneet said that his father was worried as he used to spend long hours exploring the computer. His father tried to restrain his cyber activities by putting a password but Trishneet figured out how to bypass it by the end of the day.

Overwhelmed by his indulgence and knowledge, his father bought him a new system. Soon Trishneet became the most sought after person with his neighbours who had any problems with their computers.

Reminiscing his school days, Trishneet said that he failed in 8th standard as a result of his obsession for computers. "I just didn't understand History and Geography," he added.

Realising his passion for computers, his parents granted him permission to drop out of school and pursue his dreams. Trishneet started working on small projects that varied from fixing computers and cleaning software.

His first big cheque was Rs. 60,000 that he received at the age of 19. Soon Trishneet started saving his money to start his own company.

He is currently an ethical hacker who hacks his clients’ systems and points out their cyber security flaws. He is also Punjab’s IT advisor and has also had the privilege to conduct training sessions for the CBI, Punjab State and Crime Branch.

His clients vary from government officials to big corporate houses like Reliance. Trishneet owns offices in 4 cities in India along with one international office based in Dubai.

 He now looks forward to starting a billion-dollar cyber security company soon. He says that his success is credited to his parents. Trishneet also added that he respects school education but failing at school is not the end of your career. He also believes that individuals can choose their own medium of learning, be it within the school or outside it.



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