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About Us

Education News Agency (India)

India has one of the largest education systems in the world.  It faces enormous challenges and is currently amidst a big churn. However, its reporting in the main stream media both print and electronic is skewed and narrow largely confining itself to controversies involving Ministries or premium colleges.  The news on the needs of, aspirations and best practices in education sector go unreported. 

Education News Agency (India) or ENA India is conceived as an internet based alternative news agency to source, collate and broadcast the news to stakeholders. ENA is governed by an advisory group comprising of experts in the field of higher education and is manned by senior journalists.

Not only does ENA aim to present an alternative narrative on the ongoing discussion but strives to illuminate the dark corners which go unreported in the present system.  It delivers news, views and analysis in the form of text, graphics and video for public consumption through portal ENA’s content could be used by other media with licensing conditions. 

ENA is promoted by a prominent Delhi based Think-tank   in education sector: Center for Education Policy of India (CEPI).